Q&A Contest #1

This is my very first Question & Answer contest.  Yes, it’s a CONTEST!

The FIRST PERSON to correctly answer the most questions WINS: ___

EVERYONE that participates GETS A FREE PRIZE: a cool brand-new Bitsbox app that I have created!

Get started below, and make sure to click “Submit my Answers” when you’re done—have fun!

Here it is: Q&A Contest #1 — enter your name to get started 🙂

Your Full Name
Last year, in 2015, in what month was the first snow?
How tall was the tallest snowwomen?

What is a board game that you just need to know how to play but don't have to be good at?
What was the latest snow fall in Boulder?
How old was I on May 29th 2016?


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